How to Get Promoted at Work 


How I got promoted three times in two years:

How to get promoted  at work is one of the main topics of conversations lately at my job because I just got promoted. I will tell you how to get promoted at work by telling you how I got promoted three times in two years. So let’s start from the beginning. Once I made the decision to move from the education field into business I knew I had to start small. After all I did have my education, but I did not have the experience. So now I had to start at an entry level position. Since I made the mistake of not interning in business and only education, I had absolutely no experience in the business world. I chose to take the position of secretary to get my foot in the door. I knew once I got in, I could move up.

How to get promoted: Learn the ins and outs!

I came ready on day one to move up to the next role. First, I had to learn and observe. I had to learn how to get promoted at work through observation. As a newbie to the company and insurance industry, I wanted to learn as much as possible. My advice to you is to learn your company’s brand, vision and mission statement. Know your company’s business goals. Learn about the market, what products does your company offer, who are the internal and external customers and why? Learn what the managers and executives are looking for in their employees. Learn, learn, and learn. Looking back on it now, I am very grateful to have started in the secretary role. Secretaries rub shoulders with all of the higher ups and are the “flies on the wall”, recording meeting details for recaps, going over business needs to create agendas and PowerPoint presentations. Secretaries are the “know it alls” because they have to know all in order to properly manage their leader’s business needs. I learned so much as a secretary and was able to build lasting networking relationships with higher leadership and they are now my mentors as I move up in my company. Which leads me to my next point.


If you have not heard it by now, networking is one to the top three things that you must do to move up in your company as rapidly as I did. Networking is key is learning how to get promoted at work. People need to know who you are and how you can help their department or business area. They want to know they can work well with you and that you are an excellent candidate for a promotion or someone who has a lot of potential. People of power are looking for people with potential. They don’t just want good workers/leaders they want great ones and they will teach you how to get promoted at work. In your networking efforts it’s good to build business relationships with peers, immediate leaders, and higher level leaders. It will also widen your scope to build relationships with leaders outside of your company. These outside mentors can provide perspective on additional skills and opportunities for additional professional development. They will help increase your knowledge and abilities on how to get promoted at work.



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Celebrating another promotion at work!

Build your brand!

Most people are so focused on the next thing they forget to be the best in what they are currently doing. I have a previous coworker who was always complaining that no one wanted to interview him or give him a chance to move up or to a different role. He’s always asking questions about how to get promoted at work. Yet, he would come into work and do the bare minimal. He did not want to do his best because he said that he did not like his current job, but he will work harder in the next role. Big mistake. Put yourself in the hiring manager or interviewers place, would you hire someone who is not currently a good worker? What if you give them a chance and they decide that they hate this role too? No. You do not want to hire that person. You would want to hire the hard worker who loves what they do, but needs additional responsibilities because they are ready for new challenges. That’s the person you become. You build your brand as the woman/man who works hard, who knows what they are doing, and loves what they do. You come into work on time or early and you are ready to go. You become a leader amongst your peers. You assist others because you are a resource of knowledge. This is who you are and that is what people will know you as…the hard worker. Like I said I have worked in four different departments in my current company and my reputation as a hard worker follows me. Let your reputation be the personal brand that will get you to the next level. This could be your first step in knowing how to get promoted at work if you have already been at your company for a while.

Stay focus and persistent!

I knew I wanted to get into leadership and I knew the road was not going to be easy. After all most of the managers in the company have been with the company for decades, and here I was new to the company and new to the industry wanting to be a manager. I always say, day one of your current role is day one of your interviewing process for the next role. This means that your boss and your boss’s boss is watching you to see who you are and what you can do. Many people make the mistake of waiting on someone to come to them to tell them that they are going to promote them or move them up to the next level. Don’t wait! You take! You let it be well known to your boss and your mentors that you want to move up, get the promotion, and that you are ready for the challenge. You do not give up on your goals. I was told by each and every manager above me that I needed to be patient and that I needed to wait for “this” many years to move up to the next role. I did not listen. I stayed persistent. I networked, I worked hard, and I never gave up. I was creating opportunities before the opportunities could create themselves. Persistent is vital in your learning of how to get promoted at work. Therefore when there was a business need for new roles. I was already on the short list of potential candidates. I applied within the company, reached out to my connections that I had already built, interviewed for the position, and received the promotion.

My next move is to move up to the next level of leadership. I want to accomplish this goal by 2017. Yes I know I just started my first leadership role in 2016 but I’m ready and I hungry and I believe in myself. I know I will accomplish this goal.

What are some of your goals? Are you trying to move up and have hit a wall? I’m here to help if you need any advice. If you have any advice for accomplishing business goals, please write them below.

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