Natural hair is beautiful!

Natural hair but mostly long natural hair at that, has been my goal since 2008 when I transitioned to natural hair and big chopped in 2009. I’m not sure about you but the next five years in my natural hair journey had a lot of ups and downs. I was in love with my afro hair some days and miserable on others. I could wash my hair and be mesmerized looking at all of those little ringlets and then turn right around and throw a fit that I could not simply glide a comb through those same little curls. What was this? Was I going crazy…hair crazy at that? No. I was dealing with non-acceptance of my nappy hair. My beautiful afro hair. After all I have the kinkiest of all the afro hair textures. 4c hair. For some reason I was under the impression that my hair would look like that wavy or curly stuff that I had swooned over when transitioning to natural hair and trying to learn as much as I could about afro hair.  When I big chopped my hair was full of conditioner and damp. As soon as I cut all of those damaged relaxed end off, my natural hair was free and coiled ever so beautifully. I was amazed. Look at all these little coils. In my mind, my wet hair should look like my dry hair…hmm…nope, boy was I wrong. There I was trying to do my first wash and go and becoming more disappointed every hour that I look in the mirror. Why didn’t my hair dry the way it looked when it was wet? Why is my shrinkage so horrible? This is not what I signed up for, this is not what I wanted. Again I was dealing with the non-acceptable of my natural hair.


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Product free hair style. This is my true texture

Embracing my Natural Hair

My issue was not my hair, but what I perceived natural hair should be. It took me over two years of growing my hair and practicing good hair practices to realize that no matter the product, technique, or the hair tool. My hair, was my hair and my texture was my texture. This is it, this is what my hair is and there no changing it. At this time there were not many 4c hair Youtubers, so I felt alone in my journey…. Why didn’t my hair look like the other natural hair ladies? That’s when more information about the different hair textures became more widely known. There is was right there…my hair is the kinkiest of all the hair textures and that’s why my hair was different. So there…I finally accepted the texture and embraced my hair. How has your hair journey been for you? What are your ups and downs on your natural hair journey?

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