New Year Wishes and New Year Resolutions

New Year wishes and New Year resolutions are full of hope and joy as we enter into the New Year. I wanted to take this time to set the tone for what I consider one of my more action oriented years. I like to call it the year of the machine, because I will be so focus that I will seem more than human, but a confirmed machine.

My New Year Wishes and New Year Resolutions:

I just was promoted into leadership and that alone will create a new level of challenges. I start my new role this month, January, and I will travel to Atlanta for training then back to my home state to begin my new role. So the first goal is to not only kill it at my job, but to be promoted to the next level of leadership by this time next year. It will be tough, but I know I can do it.
One of the next New Year wishes and New Year resolutions is for me to build Shay I know this may seem like the obvious thing, but I want to be very adamant about this New Year goal. I foresee a lot of growth in Shay Lonya because I will be investing a lot of time. I was more relaxed in previous years about my site but now it’s time to work.
Being a lifelong learner and strong advocate of education, one of my next New Year wishes and New Year resolutions is to complete my Charter Life Underwriter (CLU) Insurance Designation. This Designation will continue to move my insurance career forward and the conferment (graduation) is in the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas! This one is in the bag. After all I get to go to Hawaii this year for completing my Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) Insurance Designation. So excited!

I am also getting married this year! So I have to be on point with my finance as I am paying for my own wedding without help from family. This means budgeting, budgeting, budgeting! I have to be all over my finances in order to ensure I had the allowance for the wedding, honeymoon, and the Hawaii trip. Like I said, it’s going to be a crazy fun year!
Lastly, I want to focus on my physical health. These past few years I have been very career driven and have not had to time to really focus on my help. This has led to a downward spiral of me losing muscle and gaining fat. I plan on kick starting the new year with a rapid five day weight loss plan then jumping into strength training and building muscle. The goal is to be cut up and ready by birthday which is in May. I want strut around in my little two bikini without any cover up or embarrassment. Just confidently me!
I get excited talking about my New Year wishes and New Year resolutions. Do you have any New Year wishes or New Year resolutions for 2016?

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