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Online car insurance rates can be a great way to find the lowest and most affordable car insurance rates. As someone who is very frugal, I’m always looking for the best deals. The insurance world has categorized me as a self-sufficient and frequent shopper. I fall into this insurance category, because I like to handle as much of the online car insurance rate process on my own as possible i.e self-sufficient insurance customer. Meaning the less people I have to talk to in order to compare car insurance rates and quotes, the better. I am also one who likes to do all my administration, bill pay, and review of my insurance policy online without the need to call or go into an insurance office. We are in the tech age and I have expectations that everything can be done online, including reviewing that of online car insurance rates.

In regards to the frequent shopper category, these are individuals that tend to shop and review rates of other insurance companies every 6-12 months. The time frame is in reference to how often your policy renews. Therefore every 6-12 months at the policy termination or renewal, us frequent shoppers are looking for bigger and better deals (or better yet, cheaper deals). There are a lot of insurance companies out there, so my thoughts are, “Who wants to give me the best online car insurance rates and quotes”? But beware this tactic of frequent shopping as not all car insurance companies are created equally.  Do you really want to pay all of your premium money over a term of 6 months or even years of premiums to a car insurance company then when you file a claim, they do not pay? There are a lot of “cheap” car insurance companies out there that are popping up every year and that are going bankrupt and out of business just as quickly. So how do you know who to trust? Whenever you are shopping for online car insurance rates and you get a car insurance rate that you like, check out the insurance companies’ brand and reputation. Some questions to think about:

  • How long has the insurance company been in business?
  • What are their customer service reviews?
  • Do they have any legal or BBB (Better Business Bureau) complaints filed against them?
  • Do they have 24 hour insurance and customer support in case I need help outside of normal business hours?
  • Why is this insurance rate so “cheap”?-Is this company legit?
  • What does my policy really cover in case I am in a car accident?

How to find online car insurance rates?

So now that you know what to do when you find affordable online car insurance rates, let’s dig into where to find online car insurance rates. There are two methods that you have in regards to finding online car insurance rates. First, you can go directly to the website of the company that you like and get an internet or online insurance quote. Let’s say you know someone who really likes a particular insurance company or you saw a great insurance commercial; then go and check out their website. Full disclaimer-I love Google, I use it for everything. So I would type their name into Google then click on that particular company’s insurance website (checking for ease of use and overall appeal) and then check out the insurance company using the questions listed above. Once I do my full up front inspection, I then will go to their website and fill out an online car insurance quote form. This will let me know if what they would quote me as my monthly premium is something that I can afford or within the auto insurance premium budget. If I like what I see then I will move forward with that company or I will keep shopping. The second method to finding online car insurance rates are to use websites that give you a number of rate quotes all at once. Since I can only vouch for websites that I actually like and use, I recommend going through NERDWALLET’s, “Find the Best Cheap Car Insurance”.

Please note this is just step one of the many steps there are to confirm you have the right auto insurance coverage for you. Do not be one of the many uninformed auto insurance owners out there who is unaware of their auto insurance coverage. Do not rely on what others are telling you in regards to what you are covered for prior to an accident and then get denied an auto claim because of a miscommunication. If it is not in writing, it is not covered. Or at least this is what you might hear from your claim adjuster or insurance company. Learn more about how each coverage applies to you and your vehicle. I can go on about insurance for hours so if you have any questions or would like for me to expand on the insurance topic please let me know below in the comments. This car insurance page is meant to get you started down the right path to researching and asking questions about your premium cost, the insurance company that you are paying your premium to every month, and how to take ownership in the process.

In the world of frugality, it can be smart to not own an auto due to the increase risk of liability and auto maintenance. However if you do need a car, (like I do) it is always best to have insurance to cover you in the case of an accident. Therefore shop and get those online car insurance rates, but most importantly do your research. Start with the questions that I have listed and go from there.


What methods do you have in confirming which online car insurance rates are best for you?

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