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My Quick Weight Loss Diet Details:  I’m kicking off the New Year right buy refocusing on my health, diet, and exercising. Officially starting Monday, I plan to do a detox diet and try to lose as much weight as possible in five days. This is a quick weight loss challenge that I like to do whenever I feel like I need a detox diet or a fast weight loss diet. I will usually lose around 2-3 pounds during the detox diet. I really think I could lose these last 10 pounds that have been impossible to lose. I have not been working out here lately, so my body has gotten use to not working out. Therefore when I do start working out again, I will put my body in a state of shock. This will kick start the quick weight loss. However, I don’t plan to just attack this fast weight loss diet on just the exercise front. I want to also reboot my metabolism by eating only veggies and fruit with some meats. This is more of a detox diet for quick weight loss than a lifestyle change because it will only last for five days and it is not something that I would maintain for longer than ten days. However, you can do this fast weight loss diet or detox diet for ten days if you do so choose. I have to tell you that I do like to eat so seven to ten days was just too long for me, for this time around.

The Quick Weight Loss Plan:

Shakes two times a day-I plan on replacing two meals a day with my veggie smoothies or shakes. Most likely I will replace breakfast and lunch. The main smoothie consists of:

  1. Spinach-2 handfuls
  2. Blueberries-half a cup
  3. Strawberries-half a cup
  4. Mixed frozen veggies-one to one and a half cups
  5. Protein Powder-One scoop
  6. Water-One to two cup depending on the consistency of the mix-some days I like it to be smoother than others.
  7. Honey-I ended up adding honey for the last four days for flavor and sweetness

Beyond just exercising and smoothies, I will only drink three detox diet drinks. Green tea, water, and apple cider vinegar. Water is the ultimate detox liquid and the best way to rid your body of toxins. It helps flush your system while helping you feel full. I will drink one gallon of water a day starting bright and early in the morning. Now the green tea will also help with energy, but it also has been known to boost your metabolism and activate more weight loss. The apple cider vinegar, has too many benefits to list, but the main benefits are:

  • Detoxing of pollutants from body
  • Energy boosting
  • Helps body break down food
  • Balances the body PH levels

Quick weight loss overview:

Replace two meals a day with veggie/fruit smoothies, two “snacks” during the day and two cups of green tea and one apple cider vinegar shot. Eat one healthy meal that consists of just vegetables, some fruits, and lean meat. Drink lots and lots of water. Your goal should be one gallon of water a day. That’s it and you will have quick weight loss during the detox diet. If you have more pounds to lose before you are at your “healthy weight” the more weight you will lose during the fast weight loss diet.

I will record my five days and the foods that I eat to help show you that yes you can drop 10 lbs. in five days but most importantly it is about what you do after those five days that will determine if you can keep them off.

So check out my FB page for the daily posts and my YouTube channel. Do you have any quick weight loss tricks to add? What has your weight loss journey been like?

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