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Fire Your Hairstylist:

70+ Hair Tips for Natural, Relaxed, and Transitioning Hair

Kindle Edition

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Fire Your Hairstylist! This is a beginners guide to healthier African American Hair. This black hair care book packs in over 75 different African American Hair growing tips for Natural hair, Relaxed hair, and Transitioning hair. No matter what your black hair type is, you can learn how to practice healthier hair techniques.

1.Natural hair and natural hair growth can be simplified with these easy to follow tips and tricks.
2.Transitioning hair can be one of the most difficult hair types out there, but these tips show you exactly how to handle and style your transitioning hair so that it can grow healthily.
3.Learn how relaxed hair has to be treated and managed differently because it is more fragile due to chemical processing.

Do not be fooled by your hairstylist again into thinking they know how to grow your hair. Save money and time.

Direct quote from book:
“There are tons and tons of untruthful African American hair articles, videos, and personal advice that is passed on from one woman to the next. I have been a victim of hair misguidance years ago, and I have made it my vow to help other women and men who are struggling to have long healthy hair”.

I created this beginners guide to African American hair care, after I made my “Is That Your Real Hair” book because there are women who need to start with the basics first and then work their way up to my second book. This book is not just for newbies to the healthy hair growing world, this is for everyone. One thing that I have found from many women who spend a lot of time online seeking out information is that they are still misinformed on the real ways to have healthier hair.

Jump in today and start your healthy African American hair journey with the right information!