Wedding Dress Drama

There I was in my first bridal boutique trying on wedding dresses for the first time. After trying on the 5th or so wedding dress. I found my dress. I slipped it on and fell in love. It was a sweetheart top with a trumpet fit with a type of elegance that you would see on royalty. I loved it, I mean LOVED IT! Then the shop owner put on the veil and that was it. For the first time, I felt like a bride! I was so ecstatic! Wait, I know what you’re thinking. Where’s the drama you found the wedding dress, everything is good right? No, not at all.


My maid of honor is my older sister who I love and adore. She has been working hard helping me plan my wedding. At the time we went to the bridal shop, she was the only one out of all of my family that could come. Since she was the only one there, she decided to send my family photos of all the dresses so they could see me trying on the wedding dresses…WOW huge mistake. My younger sisters and Mother were all heartbroken that we did not wait for them. There was tears and cries of being left out. I was shocked. Then I found out that my Mom and my sisters had asked my older sister to cancel the dress shopping because they would not be able to come. I did not know this beforehand. My sister made the executive decision to move forward with the dress shopping. In hindsight, I do not regret this one bit, because I found the dress on the first go around. However, I hated the fact that my sisters and Mother were upset and feeling left out. So I went ahead and booked another bridal boutique dress shopping experience. After all I was curious to see if maybe another dress shop had better wedding dresses or a different shopping experience. It took a lot of work, but we were able to coordinate a time where all six of us could come and meet at the second bridal shop.

Part two: Wedding Dress Drama continues…

As soon as I walked in there were quite a few differences. This particular wedding dress shop was bigger and less “personal”. We all walked around the shop looking for dresses and my older sisters and I immediately realized that this dress shop did not have the same elegance and higher class of dresses in comparison to the other shop. These dress were more expensive with less glitz and glam. However, I did not want to ruin my Mom’s and younger sister’s experience. Thus began trying on wedding dresses. The person who helped me with my dresses was not the owner, and she let everyone know that by her behavior. In the dressing room, while she helped me try on the dresses, she began talking to me about her dating excursions. She told me about her time with the UPS driver and how he sent her naked photos before they even had their first date. She informed me that she did not enjoy working at the bridal shop, and about some of her exes. Trust me, I love hearing about a good EX/breakup story, but not while I’m looking for my wedding dress! Ha-ha! The main point of it all, I will not be returning to that particular dress shop.


Now as I’m trying to get them to come to the bridal shop that I love, we cannot get a time coordinated where everyone is free due to work, school, and sport schedules is it wrong for me to just go ahead and buy the dress before everyone gets to see it? After all this is my first wedding, really the first wedding in our immediate family. I’m just ready to be done with the wedding dress shopping and move on to the next step. So what would you do?


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