Weight Loss the Easy Way

Weight loss can sometimes be difficult but the true key to keeping the weight off is your approach and mindset. We tend to underplay the power of our thinking and how it affect our eating habits. A strong minded person will be more successful at losing weight due to their will power to break bad eating cycles. Where as a person who lacks focus can be more easily tempted and swayed to eat unhealthy foods. You have to understand that even when you are doing your best to eat right, you will still get cravings. There will be temptations all around you. You need to prepare and practice how you will respond to these cravings and when you are confronted with all your favorite junk foods. This is not to say that you can never eat your favorite junk food, but you need to eat them in moderation. The 80/20 rule has always helped me stay in line and focused on my weight loss goal while still munching on my favorite sweet treats every now and again. The 80/20 rule is where you eat healthy/natural food 80% of the time, and non-natural foods 20% of the time.  For example, you will eat veggies, fruits, and some meats most of the time, and then have a scope of ice cream or a brownie here and there. You will find these helps the weight fall right off in your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Simplified:

Weight loss can be achieved by the individual who truly wants to lose weight AND practices the proper eating habits. After all you cannot get fat if you don’t eat the foods that make you fat. When you cut out all of the bad fast foods, manmade food products, and the genetically modified/chemical laced foods, your body fat will shrink with simplicity. This is because you are actually feeding the body the natural foods that it was intended to eat. Our body were not made to process all of the junk/non nutrient foods. So when we do eat that type of stuff our bodies will store it as fat and absorb all those chemicals causing additional health issues now and into the future. So do your body good and stop eating junk and start giving it what it is screaming for…..healthy natural foods.

If you are serious about your weight loss and really want to get the body that you deserve, I have a weight loss detox diet that I like to do to help kick start my weight loss. This weight loss detox also helps me when I hit a plateau and my weight loss slows downs. It is all natural, but it will take discipline. So if you are truly serious, I have a video detailing how I do it as well as a detail post about how you can achieve the same results.

Let me know what kind of issues you are facing in your weight loss journey…I am here to help.

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